Monday, October 19

Policing Ajami

The movie "Ajami" must have woken up someone to the reality we live in. Anyone following this blog even slightly knows about the violence and drug dealing going on here.
Yesterday morning 27 people from Ajami were arrested on suspicion of drug related crimes. It appears a cover agent has been operating in the area over the last few weeks.
In the few cases i know about personally from relatives and friends of those arrested, no drugs were found in spite of the extensive searches carried out in the homes of the arrestees.
In a few cases damage was caused to the property of the families involved. Some of the arrestees live very normal lives, working hard and are poor, not exactly a drug dealer's life style or so it seems. They may well be innocent.
Some of the arrestees do have the doubtful reputation of being a dealer.

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NameHasNoMeaningTheWordHas said...

Same problems in Jaffa as everywhere on the planet. Using criminalization on actions that only in the end hurts the user. Which ofcourse is the "fuel" for the narcotics trade. I havent found any society that have 0 problems with narco or other form of intoxicating substances. My way of solving, highly amateur in the field ofcourse, is to legalize and monopolize the sale of drugs. It will never ever remove illegal drugs and the "underworld". But i believe it will greatly reduce the impact on society.