Sunday, January 29

"Because the area is a trouble spot" , the Peres Center for Peace

Just a quote of the architect overseeing the construction of the Peres Center for Peace, right here in Jaffa, in Ajami:

"The building is being constructed at 132 Kedem Street, at the eastern end of a seven-dunam lot. It will be about 17 meters tall, and will be built alongside the street. But if we are already talking about symbolism, it will have its back to the east and to Jaffa, and its face to the west, where the entrance will be in a transparent wall facing the sea. The building will be surrounded by a public park being planned by a landscape architecture firm. A central dilemma is whether it will remain open, as is currently planned, or will be fenced in "in order to prevent vandalism and damage to the building, because the area is a trouble spot," as Sheffer says."

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