Tuesday, January 10

Parading the Streets in Jaffa - Devide & Control?

Over the last few days Jaffa's streets saw several parades:
It started on January 2nd with the Christmas parade of the orthodox Christian scouts, who joined forces with the Muslim scouts, the Jewish scouts, the Catholic (Terra Santa) scouts and -unbelievably so- the police orchestra.
They walked the streets, playing songs, holding flags and it all ended in a joint party at the local Arab Jewish community center.
A few days afterwards (on friday the 6th) another parade, this time that of the other Christian orthodox scouts, festive, colorful, playing carols and handing out sweets and shooting of some fireworks and confetti.

Today, the first day of Eid ElAdha, the Muslim scouts had yet aother parade of their own.
The parades, all of them, are fun. The participating children proudly walk the streets in their uniforms. Their not less proud parents and friends applaud them from the side lines.
The police close off Yefet Street.
The atmosphere is festive, fun very special.

Yet the fact that different parades are held by different bodies over such a short time span, should also raise questions.
Jaffa is devided into so many factions. Each with their own organizational bodies, leaders and activities.
The needs in Jaffa are so big, yet instead cooperating we are devided, much less powerful than we could be, if we only worked together.

If we only could define our needs together and pool our resources, work together to realize our rights and improve the situation. If only...



Abed Natour said...

The parades are great, but indeed it comes to show that the Jaffa community is devided.
Perhaps someone coming from the outside may think "they have lots of parties in Jaffa, lots of fun, they are leading a great life over there", yet the opposite is true.
The Jaffa community IS devided.
In a sense it is good that each group has its own activities expressing its own identity, yet at the same time is symbolic of the different population groups, perhaps classes, in Jaffa.

Anonymous said...

love the picture