Saturday, January 21

Jaffa Residents - Police Dialogue at AlRabita, Guess Who Didn't Turn Up?

We were there, about 20-25 Jaffa and south Tel Aviv residents,a few members of the press and - ofcourse- your truly.
It was cold, raining cats & dogs outside, yet all of us came, worried as we are, about what is happening in our community. And perhaps more than worried, angry and fed up with police harassment as well as rising street criminality.

After hot drinks and cookies, saying "hi" to old and new friends, we sat down for a mediated talk in Arabic and Hebrew about the police and us.

The police couldn't have been more clear about how they see us: they simply didn't turn up.


abed natour said...

In my opionon, the fact that the police didn't bother to come, shows more than a little stupidity on their side.
i'm not worried, as i believe that we'll continue to safeguard their empty chairs empty during the next meetings as well. The only thing, which can bring them to the next meetings, as said one of the participants in the meetings: "only if we throw stones or shoot a LAU missle, they'll come".

Anonymous said...

Police & dialogue?
forget it
that's only for the naive

they serve the rich & mighty, who pay them