Sunday, January 29

Police Obstucting BothTraffic and Pedestrians

The presence of the border police in their green jeep, next to Paul's Cafe, our ex-post office and Andre's ever busy icecream parlor have become a street fixture. We almost miss them, when they aer not there. At leats we know where they are and they are not bothering innocent passers by (although they bother quite a few of the young women and girls passing their jeep, with sexist remarks, not fit for quating here.

Yet lately they 've gone a little further. They not only block the pedestrian area, forcing all of us to endanger our lives by having to walk on the street, they now also stop cars right on top of the pedestrian crossing. It appears they really want us to break the law as wel as endanger our lives. The police, "our best friends". Yeah right.

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