Saturday, July 22

Blood revenge in Jaffa just never stops

The police and news mention it as "mysterious murder of business man in Rishon leZion", yet in Ajami we know better.
We may not know who exactly shot the man 2 days ago, but we know the story: He's from Jaffa, from Ajami, to be precise.
A good guy, hard working with a young family, no criminal connections.
But two of his brothers are involved, so the story on the streets goes, in Jaffa's underworld. And they have been in hiding for a long time now.
And if you cannot get at them, well, then you just shoot their brother. That's the logic of gangwar here.
The brother, after all, is easy to find. He has a business in Rishon and works long hours every day to provide for his family. So you send out your assasin(s) and that's where you hit.
Another victim of the bloody crimewar in Jaffa.
Or, as my neighbor puts it "there is no way how you can stop this. Two things in Jaffa, revenge and a woman's honor, will always lead to violence".

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