Saturday, July 22

Sending direct mail to the world's leaders in order to convince them to act to stop the war

On the Hebrew website "
Avoda Shora" there is a call to all bloggers to write the leaders of the world to do their bit to stop the war, NOW.
(When i write the word "leaders" i cringe. Lately i seem to have developed a great distaste for that word, or perhaps the people who are supposed to function as leaders).
The e-mail addresses of the relevant leaders are provided. It is, after all in their hands and without international pressure on Israel and Hizb'Allah, nothing will stop.

The text is being translated into English right now, so hopefully i'll be able to put up a link shortly.

Bloggers for peace unite!

What else can we do?

Those of you in Israel, Come to the demonstration against the war this evening starting on Rabin square at 18.30.

It's being organized by Ta'ayush, Women for Peace groups, Gush Shalom, Shministim etc etc.

Transport is provided from:

Haifa, 16:45, Kikar Solel Bone. Binyamin: 050-535-8601

Jerusalem, 17:00, Gan Hapamon. Gilad: 050-868-2992

Nazarat, 16:00, Beit Hayedidut, Zahar: 050-314-8805

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truesmile said...

hi yudit!maybe you have already check it our, but they already translated it at the link you gave us.
united in peace seeking...