Saturday, July 8

one more NIMBY in Jaffa, from Heller to Hell

Jaffa has twice as much air pollution and 50% less parks and green areas than all the rest of Tel Aviv.
The Jaffa "Heller" park serves a lot of people, especially those living in the public housing estate next to it.
So, in order to make Jaffa even less attractive and worse for our health, the municipality came up with one more brilliant scheme: turn the "Heller" park in to hell: yes, instead of grass, trees & shadow, a few flowers and a children's playground the ultra-gifted urban planners have done it again: the small park, serving thousands of people living in the immediate vicinity, will become a road, so it will be easier to access the nearby other monster-nimby (not in my backyard, for the politico-lingo challenged) of the Ayalon highway, which borders on the east side of that very same neighborhood.

Ofcourse we protest against it, but not too many hear our voices. After all, it's only Jaffa, or perhaps we should start to say "jiffa"*, a much more applicable name.

* Jiffa (Arabic) is used in Israeli slang to express slimy filth

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