Saturday, July 15

My gun is bigger than yours, majnounim of the world unite

Katyusha rockets being shot at the north of Israel, Qassam rockets at the south, Beirut, Sidon and Tyre being bombed by the Israeli airforce. Villages in south Lebanon being hit by intense artillery fire. Yeah, the villagers have been told to leave their homes for their own safety, but with the road and bridges infrastructure destroyed that's kind of hard to carry out.
How the hell did this mess come about?
OK, Hizb'Allah are not nice. In fact, anyone saying they have a direct line to god who commands him or her to act violently against another human being, belongs in the majnoun category imho.
But we have our very own crazies as well. It's so easy to escalate a problem and so difficult to climb down from those very high trees.
I didn't have many expectations from cfhief of staff Dan Halutz: after all he has already proven his very doubtful human rights record, by carrying out bombardments in Gaza, killing several children and other completely innocent civilians and justifying those acts as "targeted acts against leading terrorists". Acts, which in many other places might be condoned as warcrimes.
However, i expected Amir Peretz to be slightly more patient with his finger on the trigger.
After all, our triggers operate bigger guns and it is so easy to get ourselves once more into the Lebanese mud. Getting into it is easy, getting out of it????
And all of us, Israelis and Lebanese, will be paying, once more, the horrid price.

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