Sunday, October 29

Kafr Kasem, 50 years ago, 47 dead

Fifty years ago 47 people, among them many children, were murdered in cold blood by Israeli border police in Kafr Kasem.

It was the eve of the Sinai War and a night curfew was called at 17.00 inIsrael's Palestinian villages who at the time lived under very limted military government restrictions.
Many of them were working in the fields when the curfew was called and did not know about it.
Upon their return to the vilage they were made to stand in a row and shot in cold blood, forty seven men women (some of them visibly pregnant) and children, one group after the other.

The horrid was kept silent for a few days, until Mapam's leader sent Latif Dori to investigate. Dori spoke to the villagers and to some of the wounded survivors who were in hospital. The story was out and the guiltyborder police were brought in front of a judge.
The "i acted upon orders" was not accepted by the judges, who had the courage to compare the horrid crime to what the nazis had done.
As a result the concept of an "illegal order" above which a black flag is raised (פקודה בלתי חוקית) was defined: there are orders which soldiers are not allowed to follow as they are inherently illegal.
Shamefully enough, the guilty borderpolice men were released from jail a short while after being sent to it, as they received a pardon.

Forty seven innocent citizens of the state of Israel were killed, because they did not know a curfew had been called.

Lieberman is joining the Israeli government. Are we returning to the days of Kafr Kasem?

The amazing thing is that today the memorial is mentioned in the radio news in the following way (i don't have a TV, so i have no idea what is being said on TV):
"Today the Israeli Arab sector remembers the 47 dead of Kafr Kasem".

I am happy it is mentioned, as for many years no one related to it on the general news, but why "the Israeli Arab sector?
ALL of us should remember Kafr Kasem
All of us should remember its 47 dead
47 Children, women and men, murdered in cold blood, because they returned from their fields not knowing there was a curfew, because someone gave an order and others followed that order.

Life is sacred, the order to kill is illegal.

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