Sunday, January 21

Another fire in Jaffa

The only thing left is a blackened ancient room, located underneath Jaffa's old city gate, just behind the clock tower. The owner died a few years ago and it is unclear who owns the place today.
The official story is that the place had become a storage room for all kinds of things.
The street tells a different story: the place was in use by gamblers.
Who knows, in Jaffa anything can be true.


Lirun said...

this blog is so informative.. how do you get to know all these things?!?!

yudit said...

i've lived ehre for quite some time, know the neighbors and listen to all said in my area, epecially the hood gossipers :)
And slowly over time ppl have come to trust me, so they tell me things. It may not always be crrect, but i try to get the info form at leats more than one different source

Lirun said...

interesting - interesting what you say about the streets and walls - they really do seem to talk if you are attentive..

yudit said...

use your eyes, your ears (and your brain), people love talking

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yudit said...


sure, no problem. I sent yuo a mail form my regular mail and we can take it from there if you like