Monday, January 8

No fishing, no bathing nor swimming

They're at it once more: the sewage management authorities for Tel Aviv and Herzliyah are releasing those cities' shit into the sea once more, by permission.

Yep, in order to carry out maintainance of the sewage system, they will be releasing the untreated waste into the sea today and tomorrow and they received permission for those acts, while warning the public not to bathe in the sea the next few days.
I admit it is cold, but some people do swim also when it's cold, a lot of people like surfing especially when the waves are good, never mind the cold.
And others fish, for fun or for a living.
When ongoing maintenance is carried out on a regular basis, using robots an other advanced methods as well as proper planning (and maintenance) of back-up systems, there is no need for messing up the sea. But who cares about the sea...
The waste management authorities simply make an announcement not to swim in the sea during the next two days and that apparently makes it OK. When the cat is put in charge of safeguarding the cream...
Last summer i read a research on the quality of the beach sand on Tel Aviv's beaches (i don't recall the exact source, but a little googling will certainly help you). Although it looks clean, white and beautiful and feels soft, it was found to be full of bacteria, shit bacteria, e-colli.
So next time you take our toddler to build a sandcastle, you've been warned.

Ofcourse no one talks about long term damage, but that's quite normal here.


J.P. said...

What about Greenpeace, they have been upset about the Mediterranean for the past years, with all those yuppies in Tel Aviv there must be an office nearby.

yudit said...

Greenpeace aren't very active on the local level.
They raise monay here, and VERY occasionally carry out a well publisized protest act.
The local NGO "Zalul" (clear) and the soceity for the protection of nature are trying to influence policy making in this respect. Sometimes they are somewhat successful, but mostly their acts appear to be stoppped by the Knesset's lawmakers who serve their moneymaking buddies very well.

J.P. said...

Did have a look on Zalul's site, no wonder nobody of Greenpeace is at home, your coastline is a row of sewage pipes.
To get a tan one only needs a dip in the sea.