Wednesday, January 3

Upon Returning from Mecca

My neighbors put palmleaves at their entrance door. The grandchildren added flowers and drawings of the new moon, decorated with multi-colored glitter and baloons. Today the first buses will be returning from Mecca, from the Hadj.
As a result, the atmosphere is mixed. On the one hand the sound of Adham's murderer's bullets still reverberates in our streets, on the other hand, the return of the Mecca pilgrims is a reason for happyness.
The grandchildren told me about the presents they expect, the parents about the stories, the experience. The grandparents? Well, i'll hear about that tomorrow.

Welcome back!


Anonymous said...

Cool ! I believe the biggest religious event is going right now for the Ardh Kumbh at Sangam India - on 19 January around 40 million people are expected .

Yedut -- just curious - were Israeli (Dan/Egged) or privately Israeli Arab-owned busses allowed by the Saudis to transport the Israeli Muslim pilgrims on the Haj to Makka ?

And I wonder what happened when the Israeli Muslim pilgrims presented their Israeli passports at the Saudi border :)

Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia has special arrangements for Muslim visitors from countries with which it has no diplomatic relations, making the Haj.
Israel is not the only country in that category.
They receive a separate visa travel document, valid only for the period of the Haj and the Mecca area and do not show their passport upon entering.

Buses are usually switched at the Jordanian border