Sunday, January 28

Friday morning in Tel Aviv

Sometimes i actually get out of Jaffa and whenever that happens, it usually is not in Tel Aviv. That city and me don't really have too much in common. Except for - perhaps - the Carmel market. Since Jaffa's last market was closed last year by the municipality, one has little choice.
And sometimes i need photo-equipment or stuff like that and Jaffa stores don't carry the items i need. So after a visit to Koresh's cellar of goodies (aka Photo Jugend) i went for a small walk in the city's seedier parts: Allenby, Bezalel market King George Street and thereabouts.

I ran (as a witness) into violence because of a parking spot. Hell, people get mad because of a parking spot. How weird things can get.

Yet, on my way back to Jaffa, i ran into another, far nicer scene: a crowd of people surrounding dogs brought by an NGO that takes care of stray dogs. They try to convince people to adopt one of the dogs or just play with them a little, next to the Meir Park's dog playground. Or just to give the dogs, many of them mere puppies, a nice time. Tel Aviv is a weird city.
It's good to be back in Jaffa. Here i sort of understand the rules.
It's not that in Jaffa there is no violence. It's not that in Jaffa people don't take care of their dogs, it's just so different here.


Anonymous said...

yeah..I remember Lisa also posting about Gan Meir awhile ago..some great pics by Eyal Ofer :

yudit said...

thanx for the link

Lirun said...

i love telaviv :) but i love yaffo more