Friday, January 5

Violence for violence's sake

A good friend of mine walked around around the 'hood last evening, when he was met by three young guys, not more than 18 years old. For absolutely no reason at all, they started beating him up.


One of them lifted a huge block and was about to throw it on my friend's head, when one of the neighbors opened a window and started screaming at them. They ran off, taking my friend's hat with them. It's his favorite one.

Ambulance, the Ihilov hospital emergency ward. Nothing had been broken. And in spite of the pain and the blood, no serious physical damage had been done.

Jaffa, 2007


J.P. said...

These things happen everywhere, twenty years ago we never dreamt about this to become true at our rural landscape.
Three years ago Manuel Fetter was stabbed to death because he made a remark about somebody throwing a beerbottle, every time there is a silent march and every time people tell each other this better not to happen again.
Something is going wrong with educating youngsters.

yudit said...

In Jaffa, they truly are new.
There are drug addicts who may grab a bag and run off with it, there are gang wars and yes, in some cases, if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person in the wrong spot, you better apologize quickly.
Something like this is new to Jaffa.

Anonymous said...

The Question is whether most of the violence in Jafo is caused by "Palestinians" (illegally and legally) residing there?

Maybe the solutions are :
a)Mishmar HaGvul should increase their forces there and check everyone has a valid
Teudat Zehut to be in Jafo
b)Adopt Rudy Giuliani's 'broken windows' policing and clean-up the area
c)There is a ORT school in Jafo -- are the "Palestinians" living in Jafo interested in improving themselves?

yudit said...

Violence is prevalent in all population groups in Jaffa, both maongst Palestinian and Jewish Jaffaites. In the case mentioned the victim was a Palestinian man for your information, with Israeli citizenship (not that that should matter, btw).
The border police (mismar hagvul) themselves are amongst the mosdt violent people i have ever encoutnered. Their menacing and harassing presence leades to violence rather then stops it, i myself have witnessed more than once incident.
"Zero tolerance" is bullshit: the violence simply moves to another area as has been shown well by much criminological research. You do not solved violence by policing of whatever kind.
Violence has a cause (see e.g. the researched published a few years ago by the Minerva Institute concerning the causal relationship between violence and poverty). One should deal with the cause.
The number of so called "illegal" Palestinians residing in Jaffo is not high, because of policing. They tend to NOT get invilved in crime, as they want to work. Being involved in crime would attract attention to them, which they do not want.
What does the ORT school have to do with it? The ORT scholl has both Jewish and Palestinian kids. It is not a very good school (although the staff are trying very hard) which doesn't really open many doors for its graduates. It has a high drop out rate, which may also have to do with it being a "last chance" kind of place, not well equipped with enough staff for remedial teaching. What's the point you are trying to make?

J.P. said...

Have been wondering for some time, where or what is this hood you are talking about?

ee said...

Hi Yudit,

ORT doesn't have a great rep, that's true. It's often default for problematic youth, and it doesn't help that often these schools are located near the prestigious schools. For example, take Givat Ram campus, with the "Leyada" school and the nearby ORT. The differences are quite frightening.
In some cases, though, you get the motivated youngster who is virtually saved by these schools, especially as after you have the handasai certificate, you can continue to engineering. Some teachers manage to inspire their pupils and the less formal relationship between teachers and pupils does wonders!
Sometimes works...

I hope that your friend is feeling as good as can be expected.
Wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.

Lirun said...

where in yaffo did this happen?

i have moved there today..

yudit said...

'hood stands for neighborhood, in my case Ajami, which is the area between Yefet street and the sea.
I live close to the "green house" (or Hajj Kahil) and the attack happened right outside of my house, in the street.

J.P. said...

The picture looks familiar, an "oldfashioned" negative with a match?

yudit said...

The image is a digital shot of an almost finished and burnt out candle, a fairly long exposure.
It was shot during an electricity failure taking place last thursday evening, more or less at the same hour when the attack happened.