Tuesday, March 20

Actions against the transfer of the poor from Jaffa

Land Day is coming up and with it the understanding that taking away Palestinian lands has been an ongoing phenomenon and the latest house demolition orders in Jaffa should be seen in that context.
A committee made out of representatives of the families and different organizations in Jaffa has been organized to plan and carry out a well coordinated fight against the municipal and private programs.
The families should not be left to fend for themselves all alone, each to fight their private legal struggle, as the general aim should be a change in policy rather than avert a few demolitions.

This coming land day the topic of the acitvities will be the loss of homes rather than lands in all the mixed cities: Jaffa, Ramle,. Lod and Haifa.


Anonymous said...

A more important date to look forward to by the great majority of Israelis and Jewish People around the World is not "Land Day" but the festival of Pesach beginning at sundown, Monday night, April 2nd!!!

Pesach marks the birth of the Jewish people as a nation led by Moshe (Moses) over 3000 years ago. At the Seder, we eat different special foods, we tell the story of our departure from Egypt, we sing songs and praises, and say special prayers.

Apparantly the are a few shuls in Jafo -- the next time I'm in TA I want to visit the Beit Zunana shul in Jafo,established in the 18th century !!

Anonymous said...

PS ... there'a a cool article by SHELLY PAZ in JPOST (Updated Mar. 20, 2007 9:13)about an awesome org in Jafo for teenagers called Aharai which meets at Jafo community center


Lirun said...

yeah there is one synagogue on olei tzion and sderot yerushalayim.. i dont know any others.. im sure there must be some though..

its practically falling apart and those who go there im guessing are probably poor that could do with some help to have in renovated.. i might go offer them some help this friday..

Perdix said...

With all this trouble in the world past and present, the killings with the justification of God on our side
I gave up religion a long time ago.
Still I find it interesting how people live and celebrate their religion.

What has been wondering me for some time, is there a Pesach Hare?

yudit said...

Pesach is known as the festival of freedom from slavery and freedom of religion, what do you think "heruteynu" stand for?.
I would like that to be relevant to all living in Israel and the Middle East.
Land day commemorates the murder of 6 Israeli Arabs (or Palestinians with Israeli citizenship) by the Israeli police during a demonstration protesting against the land grabbing policies of Arab-owned lands by the Israeli government services, an ongoing and ugly "tradition", which lays also at the basis of the housing problems in Ajami.
i see a connection between the two. I love Pesach, have a seder at my home AND i will be participating in a, hopefully peaceful, land-day demo.

Lirun and others: As a matter of fact, Jaffa has lots of batey knesset, for many different types of congregations, ranging from Bukharan, Bulgarian, Moroccan to ashkenazi and more.
Ajami has several ones as well, some of them open only during the holidays. Sometimes it is a little hard to recognise them, they appear to be mere shacks. Others are adorned and wealthy.
As the the hare.... they aren't kosher.
There is a shank bone on the non-vegetarian seder plate, however.

Mikha'el said...

I'm a Zionist, and I am not likely to attend a Land Day rally, but the gentrification onslaught in Yafo has plenty of Jewish victims as well, just as it did in Florentine and Shekhunat ha Tikva. Wealthy yuppies will kick out poor Arabs and poor Jews alike now that Iafo is so desirable. Nobody used to want to live there, except for maybe the Old City, but now developers cast their eyes on the rest. It's the same shit all over the world, this happeed on Manhattan's Lower East Side, then Williasburgh,and Park Slope in Brooklyn, starting to be followed now by Bushwick. When an area formerly inhabited by poor working class people becomes desirable by the Yuppies, regular folk get kicked out. Yafo is no different.