Sunday, March 25

Andromeda Strain

Andromeda was a lovely princess, chained to the rocks, as an offer to a sea monster. Said hungry monster had been harassing the Jaffa fishermen for quite some time.
At the very last minute, Andromeda was, as is usually the case in fairy tales and myths, saved from becoming monster-food.
The rocks are still there, right at the Jaffa harbour entrance.
And lovely Andromeda is a mere memory, another story told by fishermen on nights when it's too stormy to go out to catch fish.

The "Andromeda Exclusive Gated Community" is another story though. Princess turned monster, so to say:

Once upon a time, the Greek orthodox community in Jaffa had a lovely piece of land, close to the harbour, next to the community's primary school.
The land was intended for future community use, such as constructing a high school or a community centre. By means of what appear to be rather shady deals (as has been published in the media) carried out by some of the heads of the Greek orthodox church (who are located in Jerusalem) part of the community's land was sold to a developer who constructed the "Andromeda" closed compound for the very very wealthy in Jaffa.

The construction permit was given, upon condition the lovely walk way in the middle of the compound would remain open to the public, who could use it to reach the Jaffa harbour from Yefet street, right opposite the Ajial school.
The developer was also supposed to construct additional services to the general public in the form of a kindergarden or a small public garden.
Not very surprisingly so, neither condition has been fulfilled until now.
The walkway is closed and open only to inhabitants of the well- guarded closed compound. And the garden? None there as yet.

But it gets worse: The Andromeda inhabitants have asked to keep the very public path private and for their own use only. So much for getting a building permit and not fulfilling its conditions.
The gate is closed and guarded. Regular Jaffa people cannot get in.

This Wednesday the Ministry of the Interior will discuss the Andromeda request in the plenary session of the "Beach Safeguarding Committee", at 10.00, 2 Kaplan street, Jerusalem.

The problems will be discussed in the plenary session, because of their special character, as any decision will reflect on other projects as well.


J.P. said...

Until a few months ago I allways thought Andromeda to be situated in the Greek mythology.

Lirun said...

i love that myth..

as a kid we would often go sailing around jaffa and sometimes spend nights sleeping in the old port in the cave like cabins around the moorings..

we loved those rocks and other various mythological stories..

we would also never ever whistle while sailing.. a huge no no.. cant annoy neptune by making him thinking we are flirting with his beloved.. or else we would of course have to deal with the crazy winds that would surely ensue..


yudit said...

It is, but the Greek Empire included Jaffa and many of its stories happened on what today would not be considered Greek territory.
On another level, this sort of myths have been al around the Mediterranean area of course.

Lirun said...

thats why my blog is called east med sea peace.. i think of us as part of a region..

i love how idomeneo edipus and the tora all have the same story..

we do share a lot.. there is a lot of common heritage..

Perdix said...

Why chain the woman to a rock and not right away throw her into the sea.
Or did the monster prefer blondes.

yudit said...

perhaps the monster was blonde?

Lirun said...

with a monobrow

Lirun said...