Friday, March 9

Theft by the police and it is all very very legal

My friend Z participates in a video class i teach. As she's working on a short movie about her and her sisters, she took some of our equipment home, in order to work on the movie until the next meeting of our class.

Two days ago, she slept at her mother's place.
During the early morning hours, the police (both detectives, special branch and border police!) came to her home, broke in, searched for drugs (they did so some weeks ago as well, and found nothing. Z doesn't do drugs.
Her small one-room place was literally taken apart. And they took the camera (OUR camera, on of the two cameras i teach with) with them.
They also arrested two neighbours of her on suspicion of drug dealing.

Z is not a suspect, she was informed by phone. But she's not going to get the equipment back, as it was taken in a search for drugs and. so the police (an officer called Noam, investigations, the Yiftah branch at "Salameh") said, "anything taken in the course of a drug search is taken legally, you may not get it back". They left a form with someone else.

When i called the police (the same Noam, who refused to give any further details, family name nor number) i received the same laconic answer.

It is not the first time the police search Z's home. Last time, some weeks ago, she was home. This time she wasn't. Terrible damage was done to her things. The police confirm that Z is not a suspect. So what is their point?

The police state they arrested 23 drug dealers during the early morning hours. On the basis of their behavior at Z's place, i rather doubt what the police says. Surem, they should fight against drug dealing, but harassing Z isn't exactly part of that.

Our camera was stolen, by "the man". Bye bye class.

Jaffa, 2007


لبّيكَ يا رسول الله said...

So there's nothing else you can do about it?
Like calling his superiors at the station or something ?

yudit said...

I teach video at the Women's Court.
It's a project partially funded by the "Keshet" TV channel, as part of their commitment towards community TV.
So the court/Keshet lawyers took it up.

I guess we WILL get the cam back at some point, but it may have been damaged and THAT is something we will not be able to do much about, because, apparently, that is legal in a drugs search with a search warrant.
However, the real problem is Z's police harassment. The loss of the camera is inconvenient and limits the educational work i do.
The real point is the unbearable easyness of police activities (harassment) in Jaffa.

Perdix said...

Would it be possible that your friend on their first visit was not enough docile, they have been talking about this on the bureau and have decided to make another visit.
What is there to expect with all the complaints about politicians, police, tax- and businesspeople, all those who should be the role models of a normal society.

yudit said...

i don't really know. She DOES have a very big mouth, but..

J.P. said...

A big mouth, and they did not invite her to join the police during the second visit, how strange.