Monday, March 12

Police Harassment in Jaffa - Update

The video camera (of my video class) taken by the police during their search for drugs (or whatever it was they were looking for, but didn't find) at Z's house last week is back. Credits go to "Keshet beKehila", the TV station supporting the video class activities.

A short reminder: Z's a friend and student in the video class i teach at the Jaffa's "Women's Court".
Her house was broken into by the police (not the first time) who were on a search for drugs. Z doesn't do drugs, in fact she wasn't at home at the time of the second break in-search event.
On their latest search they took video equipment belonging to our group, which Z was using to shoot her own short movie.
Initially the police didn't want to hear about returning the equipment but Keshet pulled it off, stardust appears to affect the police more than expected.

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