Friday, March 9

Julia the Cat Update

Upon request and for all to see: Julia and her kittens.
She keeps schlepping them around and hiding them in new places almost every day.

The kittens have grown and have started to crawl around a little n their own.

In about another 4 weeks, we will be looking for prospective adoptive families for 2 of the kittens.

Drop me a private email if any of you is interested.


J.P. said...

Actually I am not in favour of multi-coloured cats.
When younger and far less reponsible than I am now I did intend to paint a kitten, with of course blue waterpaint.
But the paint would not stick to the thing, when older and wiser I realised I should have taken the paint/ink which is used on discarded shrimps.

Anonymous said...

cute !!

yudit said...

thanks, anybody out there who want to adopt a kitten?