Saturday, May 26

House demolition at Pardes Dake, take 2

The threat over Mousa Dake's family's home is up once more and it appears the bulldozers may come tomorrow morning, Sunday May the 27th.
So demonstrators will meet at the corner of Yefet / HaBa'al Shemtov street at 8.30 in the morning.

The house to be demolished is a two story building. It serves as a home to 4 families. The bottom floor was constructed prior to 1948, the second floor was constructed some 7 years ago. Without a building permit, true, but that is because it is not possible to get a building permit in the Pardes area, as there is no general municipal building plan for it. The area, 22 dunam, belongs to the Dake family.
Parts of the land have been sold in principle to Flatto Sharon, however, nothing has been paid for and offcially the land still belongs to the Dake family. The sale is supposed to go through in another 18 months. It makes one wonder why the municipality is so intent on destroying the home now, when they KNOW the family will leave in another 18 months.

The family doesn't plan on leaving. In any case, they have nowhere to go.

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J.P. said...

Years ago a friend sold his barn and a piece of land to an acquaintance, some years later he decided to sell all.
Because the acquaintance did own some parts it was impossible to sell the rest on the free market, and he of course got the rest for less.

If I would see an opportunity to earn a lot of money in a suburb of a certain place in the world I could for example do the following.
First I would get acquainted to the owner and offer money in an amount not to be refused.
Could buy certain plots which in a strategic combination would make it for todays inhabitants in a future situation less attractive.

And to avoid any dirty fingernails I could give a hint to the municipality about my new friends illegal building, by demolition or the threat I could get all for half/quarter of the price.

This could be the reason for not yet being paid.

I could have.