Wednesday, May 30

Shooting in "GanTamar", Jaffa

A young man, apparently from the Ashur family (although not from THE famous Ashur clan, who apparently have been involved in a bloody vengeance war over the last several years), was shot this afternoon in Yefet Street, close to the junction with HaLotus street. While leaving a small store on Yefet street, the man was shot twice from a Renault car passing by. His wounds are said to be not severe. He's hospitalized in nearby Wolfson hospital.
The incident happened on once of Jaffa's busiest junctions at 16.15 o'clock.
It was witnessed by the police (!) who managed to arrest the driver and the shooter in Kedem street after a chase. During the chase the gun was thrown from the car and recovered by the police.

A few words from the bystanders: "i hope he dies, he's a violent creep, the victim". "Enough, those idiots, we've had enough violence. Let them all rot in jail" and other similar statements.
There was very little sympathy and much anger. The young guys hanging around on my street's corner are conversing among themselves. The women are worried, sitting outside on the porch and discussing the case amongst themselves, afraid for their sons. Only the small children run around with their kites and bicycles. Unaware and not yet involved.


Tsedek said...

Afraid of their sons??

I don't understand....

J.P. said...

The Honoured Society by Norman Lewis shows where vengeance leads to, first it's the adults and when the most are burried they go for the youngsters.

yudit said...

Not of, but afraid FOR their sons, as they may be hurt to, in the ongoing gang wars and Ashur-Hamada blood vengeance in Jaffa. Indeed in so,e of the families ALL sons have been killed, and now it appears to be the even younger generation is getting involved, although i'm not sure it is this case/

samc said...

Yudit Thanks for "item"
I did not know anything untill I read it
Just a Block from me!!!
By the way the awfull murderer from france lived a block away from where I used to live in Kerem Hteimanim!!

Tsedek said...

OK, thanks for clearing that up.