Sunday, May 27

News Update on Pardes Dake

Some 60 activists, yours truly included, gathered today on the roof of the four-family home in Jaffa's "Pardes Dake", when police forces and municipal employees arrived in order to carry out the demolition order.

Omar Siksik of AlRabita, Fadi Shabita of Reut-Sedaka and labor party knesset member Nadia Hilu (a Jaffa resident herself) and ofcourse Moussa Dake, the house owner, undertook lenghty talks with the representatives, while receiving on-line legal advice.
Right now we are at a standstill. The demolition order has been postponed until June the 4th in order to try and receive some sort of legal understanding which will, hopefully, allow the family to stay in their home.
It's really important to find a viable legal solution, as this will reflect upon other homes in the Pardes Dake compound.

Violence is scary and police presence, amongst others in form of a border police jeep automatically raises fears.

At the same time there was something moving in seeing so many people from Jaffa involved and showing their solidarity. People from different families, political groups and backgrounds, from all ages, Palestinians and Jews together struggling for the right to viable housing.

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Whisper said...

Neuer Tag

Auferstanden vom Schlaf
gesättigt vom Traum
sind wir da
und fordern den Tag.

Schöneres kann uns nicht blühn
als der Baum vor dem Hause
des Nachtbarn.
Begabter können die Sinne nicht sein
als wahrzunehmen
was uns gebührt.

Georg Phillipp Harsdörffer