Saturday, May 5

Lag Ba'Omer in Ajami

Some holidays are simply made for all.
On Purim all kids in Jaffa, including young Muslim children, dress up. Little girls in long flower-fairy dresses, little boys running around proudly as as spiderman or ninja turtle.
Some adults criticize this trend, but try kids to convince them NOT to dress up.

Towards Lag Ba'Omer Ajami's many villa building sites put up extra guards, as Jaffa children, ALL of them, walk around with old shopping carts (and some not so old ones) gathering wood for the their "LagBa'Omer fires": the higher the better and nowhere you find as much wood as on building sites. After the place has been selected, the kids start bringing out the wood they have been gathering (and carefully hiding) for a few weeks. While bringing on more wood, they always leave a kid behind to guard the growing pile from other groups of equally ardent youngsters.
Tonight it's "big fire" night in Ajami.

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