Thursday, May 24

So far it is quiet in Pardes Dake

"Pardes Dake" is not a place one easily walks into. It used to be an orange-grove many years ago, owned by the Dake family. Over time it became a living compound where car repair shops, shacks, garbage-strewn unpaved streets and alleys run haphazardly. Some nice 2 story houses, next to asbestos-roofed shacks give it the look of a refugee camp rather than a Jaffa neighbourhood. On my walk around, i saw a sort of cage looking like a compound for dog fights. there is much poverty. The compound doesn't have a very good name.
The Dake family tends to keep to itself. Some are said to be involved in crime, others are highly educated young professionals. The Dake family has special standing in Jaffa. Lately there have been rumours some of the Dake family started to sell their lands to wealthy developers, such as Shmuel Flato Sharon. 250.000 $ for a small 2-room shack, so the rumour goes.Apparently some papers have been signed, but so far none have received money. It has happened before in Jaffa, that people were swindled out of their homes, and Flatto Sharon, a convicted crook, doesn't have an honest reputation. They say Sharon wants to construct another gated compound in the area.
Life in the pardes is not easy, especially during the winterdays, when the houses are often flooded.

Moussa Dake has lived in the Pardes all his life, born during the British mandate period, he has seen it all.
He is a practical man, who has lived all his life, in the house in which he was born, prior to 1948. The lands are registered in his name in the "tabu" and there are no disputes over his ownership.
Over time the family increased and his son added a second story on top of the old family house. True, he had no building permission, but the family paid all the fines and that seemed to be it. Until last night, when the announcement of the coming demolition of ALL of the house (including the pre-1948 bottom floor) arrived.
The news passed quickly amongst the various Jaffa activists and some 40-50 people turned up this morning in the Dake compound to peacefully resist the destruction of yet another home in Jaffa.
The bulldozers didn't arrive. But it doesn't mean the home of Moussa is safe.
So far so good...

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J.P. said...

Never a dull moment

Unlike you living life on the fast lane, the only disturbance I found returning from my short vacation were all my sunflower seedlings to be eaten by snails and and a letter from the bailiff.
Of course sent to the former owner of my house who must have "forgotten" to send the new adress to certain people.