Monday, February 19

Action! Bike & Train

Please take a minute to sign the petition to allow bicycles on the trains in Israel as is done in the U.S., Europe and many countries in Asia.
This, together with bike paths to the train stations, and decent bike parking at the stations, is a very inexpensive way to reduce air pollution, reduce congestion on the highways and roads, reduce Israel's balance of trade deficit and improve Israel's quality of life.
The petition is sponsored by Israel Bicycle Association, an environmental group.

Please forward this to your friends and to email groups.


Anonymous said...

I luv biking and think it's a great idea for people to be allowed to take their bikes on the trains in Israel .

Only I would condition it to weekday off-peak hours and on weekends.

yudit said...

Although biking would be ideal for commuters: less need for parking space, less traffic jams.
If it's popular, the railways can simpy add a few more cars to each train to allow for the bikes.
It's much better for one's health as well: more sports and less air-pollution

Lirun said...

i signed and fwdd it to a bunch of friends..

you know im a greeny


yudit said...


Thanks a lot


J.P. said...

Thou shall shredder all bicycles and weld them into cars is written in my scripture.