Saturday, February 17

Seven kids, two cameras, a small stray dog and me

Seven boys from Jaffa, aged 10 - 13, 2 brandnew digital cameras, donated by a Jaffa NGO & me (and a small stray dog we met on our way to Gabaliyah beach (aka) Givat Aliyah Beach) had a lot of fun friday afternoon.
The kids are all from Ajami. Together they play football in a youth team (on condition they have finished homework first) and over the weekend they meet with Maisa, their youth leader and Rifat, who is also their football trainer (as well as my neighbor). They are inquisitive, love gathering shells, daring each other to walk-jump on the sea-surrounded rocks (NOT with the cameras, one of the rules we established) and play with the dog we found.
Over the coming weeks, we'll be putting up the group's photoblog. Right now, the kids are still getting the basics going (and having a lot of fun).


Anonymous said...

That's really cool ,Yudit !!

Maybe the kids aspire to be something like famous Hapoel Tel Aviv soccer player Rifat "Jimmy" Turk or a famous photographer like yourself!

Btw.. are the soccer youth games in Jafo open to girls as well?

yudit said...

The Rifat i am referring to, IS Rifat Turk, and yes they want to be like him.

There are separate groups for girls.

The reason there are no girls in my group is that there are very few girls in that age-group who come to the club

I teach a cinema course to girls form Jaffa at the Women's Court, e femininepublic space in Jaffa.

Lirun said...

wow -- so much garbage on the edge of the cliffs..


yudit said...

A lot of it was brought in by last week's storm.
If you love drama, go to the beach when there is a storm. The waves are unimaginable.
The aftermatch is ofcourse the debris, which will be picked up, at some point.

Sort of the sea's revenge i guess, throwing back the garbage on the beach. the wind takes care of the rest.

Lirun said...

interesting perspective..

لبّيكَ يا رسول الله said...

Salam Yudit
just wanted to thank you for the work you do, though i dont know much about it but I can see you are like the vry few israelis who truly care about people no matter what their religion and ethnicity is.
anyway you probably will not want to talk with me because i also noticed you didn't reply to my post on the Cemeteries post but i just wanted to say that if you ever manage to somehow visit Lebanon you would be more than welcome in my house.

yudit said...

First of all, sorry for not answering before and thanls for the compliment!

Actually, i'd love to talk to you.
I do not believe in violence. Period.
The more i think about it, the less it makes sense.
There are always peaceful ways of solving disputes. And talking is making a good start.

I care about people and don't believe in real differences. We all suffer pain when we bleed, we all love our children and want them to grow up healthy & become good people. So why, why on earth should i fight anyone? Should they fight anyone? Fight me?

I live in an area where there is much violence. I don't wish to take part in it.

Violence, i believe, starts in small ways, the big guns are just a final phase.

So work should start with the small things. Respecting each other, talking also when perhaps one doesn't always agree.

There are many constructive ways of solving conflicts. But then there are somany destructive ways to prevent solving problems.

Were it possible for me to visit Lebanon, i would be honored.
The same invitation stands from my side!

Perhaps, one day, Inshallah, it will happen.

لبّيكَ يا رسول الله said...

שלום יודית
Unfortunately not many share your views in your country. If they did we wil not need weapons or anything like that.
We are not against co-existence, that is what we want. Co-existence in one state for Palestinians and Jews, and when that happens there would be no need for a state of 'war' between our countries also.
I would like to visit Al-Quds/ירושלים one day and get a small bit of soil to bring it back home and put it whre mybrother was killed fighting for Al-Quds. He never set foot there but I will, Insha'Allah.


yudit said...

Inshallah, one day you will. In the mean time, it might be possible to get you a some earth of Haram ASharif.
Muslim friends of mine go to pray there almost every week.
I could ask them to bring you some and there must be a way of sending it to you, perhaps through a third country?

Contact me by email through this blog and we can think of a way.

لبّيكَ يا رسول الله said...

I couldnt find how to email you.
But it's ok. i don't think your suggestion would work anyway.
but thanks for the thought.

J.P. said...

A pygmy in the Kalahari Desert would know how to email her, so what is the real excuse for you to refuse her generous offer?

yudit said...

Who says he didn't?

Because of spamming reasons i didn't give my exact address on this site, but rather have people mail me through the blogaddress.

And it happens to work, as quite a few people have realized by now :P

Lirun said...

yudit.. i must admit i always twitch when i read how comfortable you are at people slagging israel in an unbalanced way..

the guy below tells you that the only reason for his weapons are because we are a violent nation as he throws you a back handed compliment that you so eagerly lap up..

you in turn offer him a gift.. while accepting tacitly everything bad he has to say about us..


لبّيكَ يا رسول الله said...

Lirun why don't you leave her alone, she did not accept anything. she said she does not believe in violence and does not distinguish between who does it.

yudit said...

Lirun, Talking to ones friends is easy, starting a dialogue with one's enemies, or those who might be one's enemies, is more complicated.
I'm willing, always, to talk to those interested in a dialogue. We may agree on very little, there may be much mistrust and apprehension (often on both sides), but as long as we talk, we don't shoot.
And once one starts talking, it becomes more difficult to shoot.

Join in the conversation!