Friday, February 9

Violence in Jaffa ,once again

I was about to write about the photography workshop i've started. A workshop with 6 young boys from Jaffa, aged 10 - 13.
We have 2 digital cameras, a few computers and "Picasa". We operate in the bombshelter-turned- into-a-club-for-kids.
We started today and had a great time. We'll be placing some of the work on our blog, which the kids voted to call "Jaffa Photographers" and the first image blogged, is one of a BMW car parked right next door. They like fancy cars, boys 're boys, even at 11 -12 years old.

But, instead of writing about that, i just heard machine gun fire outside. It came from a slightly northerly direction.One long burst. No, not firework, i know the sound.
I don't know exactly where and what happened. There is a slight rain, the streets are almost empty, it's a quarter to midnight here.

Now there is screaming as well. I guess it means someone was hurt.

This is written in real time.

Jaffa, Ajami, almost midnight. I hope everybody's ok.

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Lirun said...

that is aweful..