Wednesday, February 7

A Stormy Day on a Jaffa Beach

"Why do i live in Jaffa?", some of you asked, wondering, perhaps, why i stay there, when there are so many awful things going on.

According to the weather forecast we'll have a few more stormy days. So, get out your warmest winter coat, a pair of really good walking shoes and enjoy Jaffa's beaches on a stormy day.
Suggested track: from Manta Ray (Alma Beach) all the way down to Bat Yam. Do it during the late afternoon hours, if you love sunsets and magic light.
Walk as close to the water as you can (or dare)
Sure, you'll get wet, but you won't feel the cold, simply due to the sheer beauty of the huge waves, the gulls. Nature's drama at its best.
I know, superlatives are suspect, but give it a try.


Anonymous said...

When we were last in Israel we loved to walk early,b4 sunrise along the tayelet from the northern part of TA to Jaffa and back.Lots of joggers,people walking their dogs,everyone enjoying the early morning.

yudit said...

I know exactly what you are talking about :)

J.P. said...

Often when I take a walk at the seaside I meet a lady who collects the plastic bottles, when telling her its bottomless she just smiles and tells it to be a beginning.

J.P. said...

The tower (with the bell) on top belongs to a church?

yudit said...

JP, yes it does, it is one of Jaffa's many churches, a Roman Catholic one. Tourists and labor migrants, especially form the Philipines, make up the majority of its church attendees, as the Old city of Jaffa has become a neighborhood for the rich & wealthy only, and there are no longer any Palestinians living in it, Christian nor Muslim.
Jaffa's other churches (there are many) belong to many different streams in Christianity: Greek Orthodox,Maronite, Coptic, Russian Orthodox, Church of England/Scotland, Lutheran etc. Each group with their own church.
In the south of Tel Aviv, where there are relatively large concentrations of migrant laborerers there are also quite a few African churches, often housed n cellars or old small industry halls rented for that purpose.