Monday, February 5

And a little more police harassment... as well as another shooting

It never gets boring in Jaffa.
My friend Z was in bed this morning at 6.00 AM when a group of special unit police men, accompanied by two immense dogs, broke into her room.
In shock, she asked if they had a search warrant. They didn't. But that didn't stop them. After about two hours of making a terrible mess, they left, not having found a thing. All that time Z. kept to her bed, embarassed as she was to get out of bed in her flimsy nighty in front of the policemen.
The policemen said the dogs were drug searching dogs. My friends doesn't do drugs and ofcourse none were found.
Why the search? Hell knows. The police can do what they want in Jaffa. So what if there is no warrant.

About an hour ago a 29 year old man was shot in Jaffa's Shivtey Israel street. Lightly wounded, he was taken to nearby Wolfson Hospital.



Lirun said...

i dont know if i can read this anymore..

im sure bad stuff happens everywhere in the world.. but reading only bad news is tooo heavy and distressing - especially when you get home at th eend of th eday and you want to relax and feel safe..

J.P. said...

See no evil, ear no evil!

Yudit, from you former comments about Jaffa I understand there to be a situation like in the former South Africa.
Your place is a kind of Homeland where everybody goes to have "fun" but when, like you wrote about the death of Adham Mansour, the shit hits the fan nobody knows anything/anybody anymore.

I think there are a lot of people (some people) who respect you for writing your opinion but too not dare to in public declare their support.

If I go to Jaffa I will wear a Kevlar shirt under my Dart Father cape.

Lirun said...

jp i live just down the road from some of the events she is describing..

i too am jaffan :)

just need to celebrate stuff every now and then.. cant mourn everyday.. sorry

yudit said...

Lirun, Yaffawi, i know what u r talking about, it's one of the reasons i write about it...

One of the men killed over the weekend was the uncle of a girl in my cinema class (i teach cinema at the Women's Court) .

When Umm Abed, my elderly neighbor, died last week, i was sad, but she had lived her life to the fullest and until a wise old age. Nature, or as she would have said, Allah.
the murders, stabbings etc. are entirely different, as we both know.

J.P. said...

Lirun, be happy to have the possibilty to read what she writes, you now at least know you have to be carefull.