Saturday, February 24

Julia's in hiding

Romeo-who-turned-out-to-be-Julia, is in hiding, with her 3 quickly growing kittens.
Two days ago, the kitten corner below the stairs was empty. We (all neighbours of our building, amongst ourselves we refer to the kittens as "the grandchildren") were all very worried, but then found out that Julia has moved her three kittens to a new hiding place, behind a mountain of junk left there by my neighbours.
The neighbour twin-girls feed Julia daily and she seems to be doing well. I can no longer see all three kittens, but now and then Julia walks around with one of them in her mouth, a different one each time, so all three are alive, developing well and thriving.

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J.P. said...

If there is too much disturbance around a den the mother moves the young to a more quiet spot, fox do have the same habbit.