Saturday, December 30

Another murder attempt in Jaffa, during the Eid elAdha Parade

Fireworks? Not really. The Muslim scouts of Jaffa organized a huge parade today, with music and fireworks all over Ajami. The atmosphere was wonderful, happy. People in their best new festival clothes watching the parade and cheering. Fireworks all along. Some shot by the parade organizers, many others by young boys, who always love a loud bang.
As a result no one reacted immediately to the loud boom and only after the victim fell down on the tarmac, bystanders understood that it was not firework, what they had heard seconds ago.
A 20-year old man, riding his vespa down crowded Mendes France street, close to the Abu Hilwe butchery was shot in his helmeted head. Falling from his vespa he hit a parked car.
Bystanders took him to nearby Wolfson Hospital in a private car, not wishing to wait for an ambulance which would have taken long to arrive, due to the parade and Jaffa's many traffic jams.
The police were actually present while it happened, due to the parade.
Another victim of violence in Jaffa. I hope this will not be the onset of another series of murders. We've seen too many of those in Jaffa.

For Hebrew info:,7340,L-3346302,00.html


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Eid Mubarak to you

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Thought you might be interested in this glowing NY Times report on the "humming" Israeli economy. I wrote this post which links to one of yr posts about Israeli poverty. My post also links to the NYT article. Hope you also don't mind my featuring one of yr photos (w. credit & link of course).

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