Monday, December 18

The Big Strike - the sequel

A few weeks ago, a general strike declared by the labor federation led to promises being made by the Ministry of Finances.
Steve Adler, a national labor court judge enforced that strike's quick ending after a mere 24 hours.
And then?

Nothing happened.

The Financial wizzards of the Ministry announce in the news they have solved the problems, however, in 44 municipalities the employees, who haven't been paid their salaries for 8 months now (in some case far more than that) are still waiting.
It's Hanuka, next week the Christian Palestinians in the country will be celebrating Christmas, and in another two weeks it will be Eid ElAdha. Yet the employees are still waiting for their salaries.
Indeed, some money was actually transferred by the ministry, however, none of that reached the emplyee's bank accounts.
These people are going hungry, literally. They have no electricity, no schools books for their kids, no winter clothing, and they cannot heat their homes in these very cold winter days. Presents for the holidays? Are you joking?

The strike is about to be renewed.

Oh, before i forgot, in SOME of the municipalities SOME of the wages (about 1/3) have been partially paid, guess to whom?

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