Tuesday, December 26

Break a leg

A truck loading building materials overturned on Jaffa's Yefet Street, this morning at 8 o'clock, after one of its supporting legs broke off.
On its way down, it destroyed a roof and wall of a construction materials storage room.
Thankfully, no one was hurt and collateral damage was fairly limited. It's good kids are on Eid elAdha/ Christmas holiday, as normally around this morning hour the streets are packed with children on their way to school.


ee said...

Wow, what negligence! And what luck that the kids weren't there. If the Palkal and Maccabi bridge episodes weren't taken seriously enough, this instance wouldn't stand a chance (Yaffo Palestian kids being the government's top priority and all that).

yudit said...

There should be an investigation by the labor ministry, as it's also related to work safety rules and classified as a work accident.

J.P. said...

The leg in a free translation is named a stamp, these trucks do have a hold where they keep sheets of metal or wood, when for example there is the need to take in a heavy load over a distance the vertical legs are driven out.
When using a sheet beneath a stamp your position is stable, when in a hurry or taking things easy one might
"forget" the sheets.
Am not that up to date with religion any more but somehere is written about building a house on sand?
Which was first, the chicken or the egg, or did the leg break just like that or when the thing got out of balance.

yudit said...

From what i could see there was no sheet underneath the leg, but i didn't pay much attention to that, not being aware of the need.
I shot a few other images and tried to see if there were sheets. I cannot see any.
However, the truck tried to lift heavy building materials with the crane's arm fully extended. I guess it lost balance.
By sheer luck no one was hurt in the process....