Sunday, December 10

The Flourishing Economy of Thieves

Fifty percent of the Israeli working population earn less than the minimum wage. Although paying less than the minimum wage is illegal and punishable by law (one year in prison), employers feel safe doing so, as very few cases ever come to court.

Many of the low earners work through employment agencies in temporary jobs (although some stay in these jobs for over 10 years).

Between 10 -20% of the Israeli employees do not receive payslips. This usually implies their employers do not pay taxes nor social security. As a result, the employees are not eligible for unemployment money, when dismissed from their work. If something happens to them, the employer can deny knowing that person.
They cannot prove they are being paid less than the minimum wage or made to work more hours than legal.

Many of the country's wealthiest people are currently wining and dining in the David Intercontinental Hotel on the Jaffa border, the the Israel Business conference. They are meeting and planning yet more tax cuts and subsidies to their businesses, how to circumvent laws and make a better buck.
They are the employers of those 50%. They are the thieves.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Ivan, I also live in Palestine, listen, im very interested to know the person who wrote the article about Sela.
Can you ask him permission to give me his e-mail?
Please, reply me to .
Thank you very much, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Yudit,did you see that cool article in Haaretz by Ms Greenberg about an entrepreneurship course (photographers etc...) offered to Israeli Arab women !!

If someone could translate it,it would be great ;)

yudit said...

I read and i agree. However, it's the sort of article which i expect to be translated by them and put on their English language website.