Saturday, December 16

Jaffa -Tel Aviv Municipality and the Carrier Pigeons

The Jaffa - Tel-Aviv Municipality (that's its official name, by the way, Jaffa first) has a weird way of collecting municipal taxes and water bills.
They simply never send them in Jaffa.
And ofcourse when you don't get a bill, you wait, sometimes quite happily, as your financial situation isn't always all that great (understatement of the century), nicer to postpone that payment.
Municipal taxes in Ajami are as high as in north Tel Aviv, for houses constructed over the last 20 years (thankfully the building i live in is older).
Now if the services we receive would be on a north Tel Aviv level, there just might be some sort of justification for that.
However, municipal services in Jaffa are way below the level in any other area in the city. Way below what they should be. Once upon a time bills used to arrive every 2 months. But that time is past & gone. Perhaps they switched the delivery services, or perhaps the carrier pigeon they use got lost or was caught by one of our neighborhood's tigercats.
Instead we have to go al the way to the municipal building to pay the bills. There they insist bills were sent, only they never arrived.

The "Mishlama" offices (our local municipal branch) moved to its new offices between the Christian graveyard and the gaz station. So symbolic.

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