Saturday, December 23

Help Needed

It's almost Eid ElAdha and the family of 8 "non-existant" children, living in poverty in Jaffa, won't have much of a festival.

I got it into my head i might be able to do something small about this with your help, my dear readers.
Normally children receive new clothes, new shoes and presents for the festival. This family has NO income. They live on what some people donate, now and then. There are days when they go hungry. Mostly, they eat food that's nor very healthy, left overs, things that can no longer be sold. The children wear give aways. Brand new clothes is not something they have experienced a lot.

Eid ElAdha is a 4 day long festival, during which families eat well, while paying visits to family members, where they also eat well. Eid ElAdha will start this coming saturday.

So what can you help with?

Clothes for (sorry, i really do not know children's sizes):

  • Tall big girl, 15 years old, wears religious Muslim dress (known in Jaffa as "Pakistani suit", a pair of wide trousers and a knee length tunic, made out of winter fabric) and head cover.
  • Girl, thirteen years old, wears jeans and sweatshirts or colorful warm tracksuits
  • Tall, very thin, 13 year old boy, likes hoodies & jeans
  • 11 year old boy who's somewhat overweight: tracksuits or jeans and a sweater
  • Six year old boy
  • Small five year old girl who loves pastel colored tracksuits with barbie , flowers or butterflies, she always feels cold and wears many layers on top of each other.
  • Boy aged 1 year & a six months, about the size of a 2 year old
  • 4 Month old girl baby, relatively big for her age
It would be nice if the clothes are new or VERY good condition (like new) & clean 2nd hand, they're a holiday present after all.
They need shoes as well and "na'aley bayit" (what 're these called in English?)

What else?
Toys, children's books in Arabic (especially the three oldest children love reading).

And food or a money donation with which to buy food & baby formula for the baby. A gift can of "materna" or "similac" is also ok.

Financial gifts can be made through a registered NGO, the Women's Court, who have full tax exemption status (Israeli tax clause 46) and all necessary paperwork. Send your cheques to The Women's Court, 220 Yefet Street, Jaffa, Israel, earmarked for "the 8 children". Please leave your address, so they can send you a receipt.
For gifts in kind, please send a mail to with your phone number, so we can coordinate.


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