Thursday, December 28

Eid ElAdha Donation Drive for the 8 "ghost" children from Jaffa: Update

It's three more days to Eid ElAdha:
Holiday Gifts donated so far for the 8 "ghost children from Jaffa", so they can have a true Eid ElAdha include:
  • 2 brandnew baby suits for the 4 month old girl baby
  • 1 baby toy for the 1 year + a few months boy
  • 1 brand new barbie doll for the five year old girl
  • 1 can of "materna" baby formula for the baby
  • 2 money donations on their way
Hey guys, may i be rude? This ain't enough. My 3-4 readers have turned out to be some 200 (since i installed a stat counter, now i know) people, so some of you..... There are always many reasons not to, don't let them influence you.

To recap it: 8 children from Jaffa, in the ages of 4 months to 15 years don't exist on paper. They are not registered as a result of complex burocratic reasons and as a result they go hungry.
It's THAT simple.
Eid ElAdha starts this saturday, today is thursday, so especially those of you who live nearby:
Whatever your political views may be, they are children who live in poverty most of you have never experienced and i hope none of us ever will experience.
I realize more solid help is needed for this family, but that's somewthing i cannot really bring about.
However, i am convinced that together we can do something small and give these kids a true Eid ElAdha Festival.
So help me, please. For donations in kind, drop me a mail with your phone and i'll get back to you, or send your financial donation to "The Women's Court" (a registered NGO with Israeli tax clause 46 so yes, your donation is tax exempt), 220 Yefet Street, 68061 Jaffa, Israel.
Make sure to earmark it "for the eight children".

Ah yes, Eid ElAdha is the major Muslim festival. It starts this saturday and takes 4 days.
It reminds the believers of Abraham's (Ibrahim) willingness to offer his son to God. It's also the beginning of the New Year and it just feels good to be nice to a child so....


J.P. said...

People she is right, we all must have had our more or less downfalls, but compared to these people we know to be fortunate.
I am not a saint, and do have my less
nice way's of communication, but every morning I still can watch my own face in the mirror without the thing turning black.
Nor do I not know if our donations to these children have any influence on their future.
But like those few others I going to do my best, what about you!

Yudit, what is the right postal code, a few day's ago you wrote 68601 and in today's mail I read


yudit said...

ooops, the correct postal code of the Women's Court is 68061