Tuesday, December 26

When a girl needs a smoke, she

Gets her smoke, whatever it takes. Even when it's really cold and very wet
Anti smoking laws aren't popular in Jaffa, but slowly they're becoming more accepted and smokers rest in their lots, knowing they have little choice.
In Jaffa's cafes smoking is still acceptable and no smoking areas don't even exist in theory. Who cares about the law.

However, some places do enforce the law. So smokers are faced with new problems: finding an acceptable smoking corner (or mahshesha, in localese).

As long as the weather is nice, that isn't much of a problem, but once it get's tough, the tough get going, and they are very tough, Jaffa sized tough.


ee said...

Yudit, do you smoke?
I have a slight problem with this particular law not being enforced, although not at a fanatical American level.

yudit said...

no way, i hate smoking, but i feel sorry for ppl who have to smoke i the cold and wetness.
i believe in enforcing the law, but upto a degree.
What does smoking mean for the smoker? Waht does strict law enforcement mean to people who have been weakened and whose rights are hurt again and again.
I don't like it when people smoke in my presence, but it doesn't mean that i am insenstitive to the needs of addicted smokers. Nor do i like Jaffa's law enforcers, so there you have it.

ee said...

I understand you not liking Jaffa's law enforcers, but that's not really the issue here.
I have much sympathy for the addicted, and am against landing huge fines on people who hardly make the rent, and am all in favour of enabling them places to indulge their habit/addiction. All this does not cancel out the inconsideration of some smokers and my right to break air that is as unpolluted as possible.

J.P. said...


Let's be honest, the airpollution done by the worlds smokers can be negelected.
The problem is with the drinkers, not knowing the limit, these disrupt family's, do cause many traffic- accidents and go on and on.......
Alcohol is one of the enemy's, it has been amongst us this long we simply do not realize nor want to admit the trouble it gives.
Do not all of us know somebody who................

yudit said...

When someone drinks alcohol in my vicinity, i am not forced to drink it, unlike smoking. in which case the snoker forces me to smoke with him or her, leaving me no choice.
Ofcourse you are right that drinking too much alcohol has its direct and indirect victims and that smoking in comparison to many other pollution sources is perhaps not the worst.

ee said...

All contentions are correct.
Yet still - passive smoking too, can kill. It's a fact.