Thursday, February 9

The Postman Doesn't Ring Twice (in Ajami)

Guess what, I wrote a complaint to our postal services and they answered the following:

"Your complaint has been received and referred to the relevant department for further treatment".
My complaint number is:


Check it out out

Wednesday, February 8

Postal services in Ajami? Forget it.

Just a short update.

Remember last week's posting about our ex-post office?
Well today i met one of the postal clerks, a nice and friendly woman, who informed me it will take months (until July 2006) until they will reopen the postal branch in Ajami.

And in the mean time the elderly, invalids and poorer people who treceive their social insurance by means of the postal bank, will have to go to Jerusalem Boulevard, a busride or a VERY long walk away.

In the past, while renovating the branch they had a small caravan outside the branch in which most of the postal services were provided.
I contacted them to see if they can provided services again by the same means.

In the mean time, elderly of Ajami, forget friendly service

The lovely smell of citrus flowers...

Jaffa used to be known as a city of gardens.Surrounded by orange groves, the smell of citrus flowers was overpowering in the season, perfuming the night-air throughout the city.
No longer so. The air pollution in south Tel Aviv is three times as high as that n North Tel Aviv according to a recently published environmental hazards public health survey.

In north Tel Aviv there are three parks for every park in the south. Several southern schools are exposed to dangerous pollution.