Monday, October 29

Back in Ajami

So i left for about two hours. Yes, for two whole hours, 120 minutes, i lived in Shapira neighbourhood. I moved 50 very heavy crates of books, all my camera gear and very little furniture to a new place in Shapira.
On my way into that neighbourhood i met a funeral on the street.

Then we carried my stuff up to the third floor, to a tiny flat. And that is when the balcony started falling of the wall and the ceiling, well, caving in.

So i moved out. Lived with my friends Daoud and Liza in Jaffa, until i found my new flat, in Ajami, some 100 meters from the previous one. 2 large rooms, a very big balcony, nice neighbours. In Ajami. Even the price is reasonable.
OK, the bathroom is small, very small, as in "sit on the toilet while showering". In addition, there is no light in the kitchen, nor in the bathroom. And there is exactly one electricity point in all of the place. But hey, i'm back in Ajami, next to the sea.
I have a great view.

NOW i need to concentrate on getting the rent back from the owner of the Shapira flat. So what if the municipality declared that flat unsafe and dangerous. He doesn't think he has to reimburse me.
But hey, i'm back in Jaffa!!!