Thursday, March 23

Ultra Right Wing Provocations in Jaffa - Rifat (Jimmy) Turk did a great job

The ultra right-wing Herut party decided to provoke Jaffa today: during the night they put up posters and graffitti suggesting the transfer of Jaffa's Palestinian population and later today, the ultra right wingers of Herut came right to the center of Ajami, trying to suggest the same and handing out money to those who want to leave...
Rifat Turk, my neighbor, reacted in a great way, he took the money and handed it out to the people in the street. After all, Jaffa's poor can always do with some extra pocket money. Thus Turk turned what was supposed to be a rightwing political statement into an act in support of Jaffa's poor.
Fighting started. I'm a peaceful person, i don't think fighting can lead to any good, however, when provoking us in such a way, i really understand it is not easy to control oneself.

No, we won't put up with fascists creating havoc and provoking us. Yet answering provocations in a violent way, is doing what the provocateurs want. We should not answer their needs.

Obviously Kleiner was out to provoke, in order to get some headlines for his failing campaign.
We shouldn't give him those.

Saturday, March 18

Special movie screening at the Arab Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa

Invitation to a special screening of the prize winning movie

"Sense of Need"

by the Palestinian director Shady Srour

The screening will take place on Tuesday, march the 21st at 20.00 at the Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Old Jaffa.
The director, Shady Srour, will be present during the screening. He will answer questions afterwards.

For more information about the movie:

Entrance is free, but please call us to reserve your places.


Shady Srour,

Abed El Rahman Natour 050-6825041

Yudit Ilany 050-7988334

Saturday, March 4

We won a small fight - Postal Saga, the Sequel

We actually did it, the postal services placed a temporary post office right opposite the closed branch, which is still underrennovation, after the floor caved in.
Our (i wasn't the only one to complain, obviously) demands were answered, and Ajami's elderly and inform, as well as us regulars, won't have to walk all the way to Jerusalem Boulevard to buy a stamp or to get our pensions/social security payments.