Wednesday, May 10

My favorite cafe, introducing the new owner: Itzik

Some things in Jaffa are good, really good, and have now gotten even better.
Itzik, the best coffee-maker in the Middle East after having worked for years at Cafe "Paul's", now bought the place.


And for those of you living here and as yet unfamiliar with "Paul's:

Paul's Cafe is a virtual Jaffa institution, located at 142 Yefet Street, between the little post office (actually, they reopened it after the renovation, a little earlier than expected) and another Jaffa classic, "Andre's" of icecream fame.

Paul's was started by Paul (obviously) on the other side of Yefet street, more or less opposite its current location.
Just another small coffee place with excellent coffee and not much else. A place to meet with some friends after work, or to start the day with an espresso designed to wake up the dead.
Close to our ex-market (of blessed memory), centrally located, it quickly became popular with all.
When the old place became to small, Paul opened up a new spot, larger and fancier, in cooperation with wife Mona and his 2 sons.
After several successful years as one of the best cafes in Jaffa (perhaps the best) serving good coffee and great teas, tragedy struck the family and within a short while Paul and his 2 sons died.

Itzik, the waiter, assisted, became a coffee specialist and repairman of espresso machines of all kinds. A friendly caring and easygoing guy.

To make a looong story short, Itzik bought the place 2 days ago and a good cafe became even better.