Friday, October 6

And in the meantime the gangs are also waking up

Yesterday some of my best friends were enjoying their late afternoon and after work coffee, around 5 o'clock.
They heard a few fairly loud bangs, but it's Ramadan, and kids are shooting fire crackers all day long.
Then, a guy came running by, very quickly, fear on his face. Another guy was running after him, holding a hand gun and shooting (and missing) the first guy.
It happened quickly, 17.00 o'clock, Yefet Street, Jaffa.


Ryan said...

wow, this is one of the most interesting blogs i've read in a long time. you're really providing a bird's eye view of working class life in Israel. keep up the good work!

Yudit Ilany said...

thanx for the compliment, trying to do my best :)