Wednesday, October 11

Jaffa by bike

My few usual readers will know my 2 previous bikes were stolen but, YES, today i bought a brand new, beautiful, shiny, red bike.

I intended to buy a 2nd hand one, but got a great deal on a brand new bike instead.

Happy with my very new bike, i took it to Jerusalem Boulevard, which (in the days of my previous stolen bikes and before the Elevated-Big-Shit-Pipe era) used to have an "official bike path" right in the middle, safely between the lovely high shade providing trees and away from Dan bus drivers and other maniacs.

No longer so. Why? Hell (and Ron Hulday, the mayor) knows. It's gone, no more, an ex-bike path.

So i checked my brand new municipal "bike path map" and indeed: no more bike path in Jaffa.
The existing bike path stops just before entering Jaffa. The municipality proudly presented its "bike friendly policy" and stated they added many km's of bikepath, but in Jaffa they took them away.


No idea.

So all we have is an ex-bike path.
Now i just hope and pray my brandnewredshinywonderful bike will not quickly become another ex-bike.


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