Sunday, October 22

Id El Fitr

Happy Id!
The end of Ramadan has arrived and with it the festival of Id ElFitr.
Although quite late already, everybody is out on the streets. Neighbors talking to each other , offering each other sweets, cars with louder-than-ever loudspeakers playing Haifa's latest hit, the religious Muslims or the "peleg dromi" in a spontaneous street parade shouting "Allah HuAkbar" and shooting firecrackers.
And not even one border police jeep!

All the girls wear their newly bought clothes, They walk around on their new shoes, slowly, they hurt quite badly, as newly bought shoes tend to do.
The hairdressers and beauty parlors are open till 24.00 at night to cater to their waiting guests.

Happy IdElFitr!


Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims friends in Israel and in Arab World celebrating today - Monday morning.Israel is certainly the best place to be for freedom of religion and democracy:)

Btw I see the Eid will start only on Tues morning in Jordan

posted by G.

ee said...

Happy Id!
Sounds like quite a celebration in Jaffa.
btw, new shoes shouldn't hurt. There should not be such a thing as a break in period. If they're not comfy right away - forgo!
Men wouldn't wear it!

yudit said...

MEN wouldn't. But then we women are vain.
However, death (slow & painful) to whoevwer invented high heels.