Sunday, October 8

Back to work at the garbage hill

Finally, after a fairly long break, they went back to work at Jaffa's "Garbage Hill", one more stage in turning the worst eyesore in Jaffa into a beach park, serving all its citizens.

The work on the park, which by some Israeli architects has been defined as the most important architectural project for the year 2007, was stopped some time ago, due to, so they say, misunderstandings between the municipality and the contractor.

Once the hill, the mountain really, was sea. Then they started throwing building rubbish into the sea, until it grew into a monster mountain, devouring both the beach and the sea, with its natural ancient riff.
The idea was to build villas for the wealthy on top of it, however a lawsuit stopped them from doing so. Besides, the rubble had been thrown in so quickly, the mountain was unstable and not fit for construction.
Following the lawsuit, it is supposed to become a park. Jaffa has less than 50% of all the greenspaces in Tel Aviv (in comparison with other neighborhods, according to a research carried out by the society for the protection of nature and the "greens").

A huge truck was spraying water over the dust paths. For weeks now houses in the area have been covered with a fine layer of dust that gets into everything. Dust blown in from the meters high dustmountains left behind by the huge stone grinding machines.

While walking on the mountain i noticed many small pieces of asbestos. Hell knows what the dust blowing into hour homes contains. Perhaps it is better not to know.
At least when it is wet and muddy, the wind cannot disperse it so easily.

GivatHaZevel, the Rubbish Mountain
Jan 9, 2005 - 37 Photos

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