Saturday, October 7

Demonstration: NO to the border police in South Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Over the last few months the ever growing border-police (mishmar hagvul) presence in Jaffa and south Tel Aviv has lead to a huge increase in police violence and harassment, culminating in last week's murder by the police of Iyad Abu Aya, a young Palestinian man from Tarkumiya (who worked in construction without the necessary permits, in order to provide for his pregnant wife).
Iyad Abu Aya was first beaten up, then forced to lay down in a bathtub at the house construction site where he both worked and slept during the night, and shot by a 19 year old unnamed border police man, who initially claimed he had been attacked by Abu Iyad, a claim found to be false. There were witnesses, who were courageous enough to testify.

We have had enough!
Get the border police out of Jaffa and South Tel Aviv!

The demonstration will take place this monday, October the 9th at 14.00 o'clock in Washington Street, Florentin Neighborhood

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