Monday, October 9

Citizens against the border police

Rosa (the woman in the image), in her seventies, was among the 45 - 50 people who turned up to protest against the border police presence in south Tel Aviv and Jaffa.
Rosa, a holocaust survivor, feels the heavily armed border police behavior in her neighborhood is threatening. "It reminds me of the terrible days in Europe, when I was a young woman", she said.

Another woman who participated in the demontration, was Shoshi in her forties. Shoshi grew up in Florentin. She is happy with the way the neighborhood improved, "the little cafes and many stores, the young people who moved in, yet the border police presence cancels all these positive developments", so she said.
Her sons are scared of the border police, after they saw how they beat a woman, who was laying on the floor.
Her 14-year old daughter came downstairs one morning, to throw out the garbage.
She was met in the staircase by some border police who asked her "how much she charges for having sex with them" (and that's a very polite translation of the actual words used). "Since then", so Shoshi told me, her daughter no longer goes downstairs on her own".
The young girl said, "if they had been boys from my school or from the neighborhood, i would have beaten them up, but these guys were armed, and i was very scared, so i just ran back home."
People in Florentin, a south Tel Aviv neighborhood, are fed up with the border police presence in their streets.
A few people from Jaffa joined in the demo, among them Kamal Agbariye, the Al Ajami neighborhood council chairman, but most were too scared.
The police brought their photographers with them who made a video of all participants. People in Jaffa are scared they will take it out upon them.

Another woman carried a shield stating "The border police creates a border between south and north Tel Aviv. In north Tel Aviv the wealthy live, in south Tel Aviv the weakened and the poorer people.

Towards the end of the demo, the participants tried to make a protest march as a group, to take the demo one step fruther. Suddenly a large number of police men - yasamnikim, special units -, who had been standing with regular clothes covernig their police t-shirts in the area, stopped the march and threatened with violence.

As there was a neighborhood and community day in the closeby "Druyanov" garden, that's where most of the young participants went, after the demo.

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