Saturday, October 28

Raining, it's raining

Why does rain always take us by "surprise"?

Streets flooded because the drainage-system is clogged somewhere, traffic lights failing, people triple parking thereby blocking the street, because they do not want to walk too far and get wet etc.

Tel Aviv has been covered by asfalt and concrete, rain water can no longer be absorbed by the earth, as is the natural course of things.

Rainwater is not gathered anywhere, although it might be a great solution to save it in this very dry country.

It appears the municipality nor anybody else really take responsibility for this kind of problems.

Roads are washed away, their pavements simply taken apart.
The same thing happens every year.
So are we just plain stupid (by refusing to learn from experience) or do we always think it is not our responsibility, someone in another depratment of the municipality, ma'atz or whever should take care of the problem.

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